How Durba Chkaraborty got selected in first Interview in Cognizant


How Durba Chkaraborty got selected in first Interview in Cognizant

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In Cognizant

Durba Chakraborty belongs to Salt Lake, Kolkata. She has done M.Tech .

When she came at Acesoftech Academy with her mother, her first question was, “if I get admission at Acesoftech Academy for web development course, will I get a job? “.

She told that she inquired other institutes also which provides web development course but she found our course content strong and up-to-date

She further told,”Sir, as you know there is no dearth of training institutes in Salt Lake, still I came here because after seeing your institute’s course content I was impressed and I thought there is something special which can help me in my career”.

She got enrolled at our institute on 2nd November 2014 and completed the course on   .

She went for interview in February at Cognizant and passed HR round. She also completed technical and also final round and got selected in first week of February 2014.

We also provided her certificate of course completion. She was sleeted in Kolkata but her posting was at Bangalore.

Currently she is working as software/web developer in Bangalore.

When she had come here at our institute for collecting certificate, we had asked her few questions and here are summary of what she has replied.

When asked about her experience about interview at cognizant, she replied ,”Initially I was nervous but I realized that the questions are  not that hard as I had expected, I got relaxed and started to reply with calm and compose”.

When asked about her degree, she replied,”No doubt my degree helped me very much.”

When further asked how Web Development Course helped you to get this Job? To this her reply was,”Doing web development course provided boon for getting the job. It was very helpful in oral interview as well as technical interview”.

Finally we asked her what message you would like to give to our students who aspire to get a career in I.T.

Her reply was,”Work hard, don’t miss your classes, and complete the task at your home. If you don’t know answer to any question in interview doesn’t try to fool. Be honest and tell politely, sorry I don’t know about this.”

We at Acesoftech Academy wish Durba her bright career!


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