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agrodut kumar mondal bangladesh

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Agrodut Kumar Mondal Digital Marketing Expert, Bangladesh

How Agrodut Kumar Mondal became a successful Digital Marketing Executive in less than six months Interview with Agodut Kumar, Bangladesh

Agrodut Kumar is one of the successful candidates from Acesoftech Academy who has done Digital marketing Course and builds a successful career in this field.

He joined our institute on 12/09/2013.  He is from Bangladesh and had came India on student’s visa to get advance and Industrial Digital Marketing Course in India.

After completing the course has been working as freelance Digital Marketer and he handles more than 10 foreign clients related to Digital Marketing.

Acesfotech Academy managed to get hold of him on 8th march 2015 and asked him series of questions ranging from his career to how he succeeded as digital marketing executive.

This interview was conducted with him on 8th march 2015 and here is unedited version of what he replied to queries asked from Aceoftech Academy.

(Note: This interview is provided, verified and approved by Mr. Agrodut Kumar and published with his permission)

Acesoftech: Where are you from Bangladesh I mean from which district?

Agrodut:  I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Aceoftech:  Please let us know about your educational background.

Agrodut: I have done B.Com (Hon’s) and also (Management)

Aceoftech: Please tell us the course you have done at  Acesoftech Academy.

Agrodut: I have done Digital Marketing Course from Acesoftech Academy. I have done classroom training.

Aceoftech: Did you face any language problem while getting training?

Agrodut:  No, the teaching medium was Bangla which is my mother tongue.  Also the training was provided in English.

Aceoftech: Did you get quality training from Acesoftech Academy?

Agrodut: Yes, I am really very satisfied with the quality of training I got from Acesoftech Academy.

Aceoftech: Currently you are working in a company?  Or you have your own company or you are working as afreelancer?

Agrodut: I am working as a freelancer.

Aceoftech:  If you compare I.T. of India with Bangladesh, what is the major difference between two countries I.T. wise?

Agrodut  : No doubt , India is  ahead as compared to Bangladesh regarding  I.T. But, my country Bangladesh is also growing fast in I.T. sector and you can find good companies and also professional I.T. peoples here also.

Aceoftech:  Please give some guidance/suggestion to your fellow country youngsters who might be aspiring to build career in I.T. sector.

Agrodut: I am still very small in this field to give suggestions, but I would like to share my little knowledge which I have.  If you want to be a very good and successful marketing executive, you should have good knowledge of on-page SEO, off-page-SEO as well as good sense of internet marketing. Always keep tab of latest technologies and l keep abreast of latest Search Engine’s algorithm change.

Aceoftech:  Since your were from other country and not India, still how was behavior of trainers/students during the training?

Agrodut: Trainers and students all were very co-operative and helpful, especially CEO of Acesoftech Academy Mr Umar sir. He   would take extra  care.

Aceoftech:  Would you like to recommend Acesoftech Academy to friends or other people? If yes then why?

Agrodut: Yes, Because Acesoftech Academy always provides updated training.

Aceoftech:  Since you have done Digital Marketing Course from our Institute, how effective did you find that? And how helpful was that in building your career/business?

Agrodut: All of the trainers trained us according to Google trends and update topics. After taking Digital Marketing Course from Acesoftech Academy. I have been successful Digital Marketer.  I am handing more than 10 foreign clients.

Aceoftech: Please give your opinion about future of Digital Marketing. How effective is this for business development and what is the future of this?

Agrodut :  Digital marketing is one of the best and modern career which opens door of plethora of scopes. If you learn Digital marketing, you can work as an SEO/SMO/SMM executive in any company.

If you have your own business, you can optimize your own website and also fine-tune marketing channels  your business to make that boom.

Aceoftech:  If anyone wants to build a career as Digital Marketer, what would be your suggestions to them?

Agrodut :  If you want  to be a successful Digital Marketing executing, you have to  have patience. You have to study a lot about SEO and Digital Marketing. Focus on modern technique of SEO and Digital marketing. Also, you may join any professional training institute like Acesoftech Academy which provides advance and industrial Digital Marketing Course.

Thank you very much Agrodut Kumar

Acesoftech Academy wishes you a bright future.

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