web designing course in Ranaghat

74 kilometers from the city of Kolkata, Ranaghat is a city located in the district of Nadia. Situated on the River Churni, it is the sub-divisional head office of Nadia District. Known for its hand loom industry, Ranaghat is one of the most populous cities of West Bengal. Another industry for which Ranaghat is famous… Continue reading web designing course in Ranaghat

PHP Training in Ranaghat

There is a myth behind the name Ranaghat is that there was a bandit named ‘Rana Dacoit’ who stayed in this area five hundred or six hundred years ago. According to the legend, Rana Dacoit used to deliver several pujas to goddess Kali to thank her. Here, you will find out that a huge number… Continue reading PHP Training in Ranaghat

Digital Marketing Course in Ranaghat

With the population of 68,754, Ranaghat holds an important place when it comes to business. Several small traders of the neighboring towns buy goods from the famous Ranaghat town bazar and sell those goods according to their needs. Ranaghat is a place, where you will find both the wholesale as well as the retail business.… Continue reading Digital Marketing Course in Ranaghat