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Search Engine Optimization is very important for any webmaster because it affects his website rank in search engines. That is why content on your website matters. More original content will make your website rank higher.
IT is growing in India as it is developing country. There are few large cities where most of IT industry is focused. Those cities are Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. Kolkata managed to get a high place becoming an outsourcing center for many companies abroad. That is why Kolkata became the major hub of Information Technology.
What is SEO and what SEO does? Search Engine Optimization is analyzing website and working on page construction in such a way that each page and that means complete website, can be easily discovered and indexed by all search engines. SEO makes pages more attractive and easy to read for search engines which then makes them more appealing to their crawling software and website pages get indexed quickly.
Why is important to get indexed? It is important because when people looking for your business, address, phone number or any product, it would be impossible for them to find it, because search engines do not see that. Visits to your websites would be very low and many people wouldn’t even know such website is out there on the internet.
SEO became necessity and that is why SEO career is a very good move and huge step in IT career.  SEO training in Acesoftech in Kolkata cover following topics: basics and page optimization (on page and off page). SEO training in basics covering several topics and main would be internet, website designing essentials, search engines and what they are doing and directories. The page optimization can be On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.
The On Page Optimization covering topics such as website analysis (SWOT), optimization of keywords, optimization of text for robots, competition analysis, google tools for webmasters, more about google search engine, landing page optimization, navigation and making it friendly for search engines, tag optimization and headers, creating RSS feed, optimization of images and content optimization for search engines.
The Off Page Optimization covering topics such as article submission (which is very important in SEO), directory submission, link building (which can be one way link building, two way or three way link building), search engine submission, commenting on blogs, classifieds submissions and forum posting.
It is very important when choosing  SEO training in Kolkata  to select one that cover all those topics in depth. That is why Acesoftech in Kolkata is the best option.

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