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There are few students (Particularly female students) who want to join our professional Web Design Course, Web Development Course or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course but they are unable to attend classes coming to our Kolkata institute. And in spite of having acute desire to lean, they cannot do so. For such students there is good news.We have solution for that. There is no barrier in this fast technology world.


How this works


First, you will have to get admission to our institute, either coming at our institute our depositing money to our company account. Once you get enrolled, our faculty will start providing training to your computer itself. For this, you must have computer and internet connection with minimum 256 kbs speed.
We control your computer from here and put on headphone and teaches you as if you are sitting face-to-face with your home tutor. We turn you home to your private coaching class. You can ask any query, show the problem our trainer they will fix the bugs and show at your computer itself.
We also provide you CD and other study materials so that you can practice at your home.
We have students from various parts of the country. And they have taken such training and got benefitted.


FAQs (Frequently asked questions) from our students and here are answers


Q: I enrolled for online course but alter I decided to attend class physically, is it possible?

Ans : Yes, if you join our online course and later decide to attend physical classroom, you can do that.


Q : Will I get placement assistance after completing online course?

Ans : Yes, you will get placement after successfully completing the course. Placement is provided in Kolkata.


Q: I cannot go to Kolkata or other metro cities for job ( this problem is particularly for female candidates) can I get work at home?

Ans : The world has become global village. If you have talent and if you are hardworking nothing is going to stop you. You can even earn sitting at your home. Its not a big problem. We at Acesoftech , provide you training so that you can earn from home. You can work as freelance web designer or freelance web developer. I have several students who is earning from home.


Q: Why the charge of online course is a bit higher than physical class?

ANS: Simple answer is if your tutor teaches you at your home and he teaches you individually with personal attention. And at the other hand and if you join a group coaching class. Obviously the fees of the first type of coaching will be higher. But the benefit is that, you will learn one-to-one and you will get training as your personal tutor.


If you have quires or questions please feel free to call 9163737920 or send an email to globalsuhanasoft@gmail.com

Skype : Suhanasoft

Gtalk : globalsuhanasoft@gmail.com

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