Data Science Course in Kolkata with R Language


Are you looking for a data science course in Kolkata that covers the R programming language? If so, you're at the right palace. Acesofftech Academy a leading Data Science and Data Analytics training institute in Kolkata provides Data Science Course in Kolkata with R Language with examples.

R is a powerful statistical programming language that is widely used in the field of data science. It is particularly well suited for working with large

datasets and performing complex analyses.

So if you're interested in pursuing a career in data science, or simply want to learn more about this fascinating field, enrolling in a data science course that covers R is a great way to get started.

Projects and exercise: There are two project exercises included in this course which will give you in-depth knowledge about the subject and you can learn in the industry.

The exponential increase in data has led to a demand for data scientists who can develop insights from the data using advanced data analytics tools. One of these tools is R.

The R programming language is incredibly popular and is the first choice for many statisticians and data scientists alike.


    R for Data Science Course Syllabus

    • Welcome to the R Programming Course!
    • Installing R and R Studio
    • The Datasets for exercise
    • Extra Resources

    • Types of variables
    • Using Variables
    • Logical Variables and Operators
    • The "While" Loop
    • Using the console
    • The "For" Loop
    • The "If" statement
    • O Section Recap

    • What is R language?
    • What is a Vector?
    • Let's create some vectors
    • Using the [] brackets
    • Vectorized operations
    • The power of vectorized operations-
    • Functions in R
    • O Packages in R
    • O Section Recap
    • Financial Statement Analysis Exercise

    • Introduction
    • Project Brief: Basketball Trends
    • Matrices
    • Building Your First Matrix
    • Naming Dimensions
    • Colnames () and rownames ()
    • Matrix Operations
    • Visualizing With Matplot()
    • Subsetting
    • Visualizing Subsets
    • Creating Your First Function
    • Basketball Insights
    • Section Recap
    • Basketball Free Throws exercise
    • Matrices

    • Introduction
    • Project Brief: Demographic Analysis
    • Importing data into R
    • Exploring your dataset
    • Using the $ sign
    • Basic operations with a Data Frame
    • Filtering a Data Frame
    • Introduction to qplot
    • Visualizing With Oplot: Part I
    • Building Dataframes
    • Merging Data Frames
    • Visualizing With Oplot: Part II
    • Section Recap
    • O HOMEWORK: World Trends

    • Welcome to this section. This is what you will learn!
    • Project Brief: Movie Ratings
    • Grammar Of Graphics - GGPlot2
    • What is a Factor?
    • Aesthetics
    • Plotting With Layers
    • Overriding Aesthetics
    • Mapping vs Setting
    • Histograms and Density Charts
    • Starting Layer Tips
    • Statistical Transformations
    • Using Facets
    • Coordinates
    • Perfecting By Adding Themes
    • O Section Recap
    • Excercise: Movie Domestic % Gross

    • Excecise 2: Law Of Large Numbers
    • Excecise 3: Financial Statement Analysis
    • Excecise 4: Basketball Free Throws
    • Excecise 5: World Trends
    • Excecise 6: Movie Domestic % Gross (Part)
    • Exercise 6: Movie Domestic % Gross (Part 2)

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    No coding experience is required. If you have a passion to learn, you can learn this course.

    Yes, we are open at the weekend also. You can do this course on the weekend also.

    Even if you do not any coding, you can learn this course. Several non-technical background students have learned this language and are working in the industry.

    Both languages are for Data Science. Python has wide uses as compared to R language. The R language is especially for Data Science. If you have patience and time, you can do both courses.

    Yes, we provide placement help also ater completing the course.

    Yes, after successful completion of the course, we provide certificates also.

    Mostly our training is one-tone. But if you come in batch or group, we conduct batch training also.

    If you are from Arts student and have maths knowledge, you can do this course.

    Yes, if you learn the language properly, this will open the gate for entering into Data Science Field.

    Yes, no prior coding knowledge is required to learn this course.

    Yes, we have easy EMI facility. You can pay the course fees in installment also.

    Why learn R Langauge Course for Data Science?

    Since industries need to transform raw data into furnished data products, Data Science has become the most popular field of the 21st century. This is because there is a pressing need to analyze and construct insights from the data.

    R for analytics :

    R was originally designed by statisticians for doing statistical analysis, and it continues to be the programming choice of most statisticians today. With R's syntax, it's easy to create complex statistical models with just a few lines of code. Since so many statisticians use and contribute to R packages, you are likely to be able to find support for any statistical analysis you need to perform.

    Top tech companies use R for data science

    The majority of these companies hire R-trained data scientists. Facebook, for example, uses R to analyze user posts. Google uses R to analyze ad effectiveness and forecast economics. Twitter uses R for data visualization and semantic clustering. All of these companies hire data scientists who know R, including Microsoft, Uber, AirBnB, IBM, and HP.

    R makes learning data science basics easier.

    Despite being one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages, R has a big advantage once you get past the syntax: it was designed specifically for data manipulation and analysis. Having mastered the basic fundamentals of R, it can actually be easier to learn the core skills of data science – data manipulation, data visualization, and machine learning. Take a look at these common R data visualization styles, for example.

    Easy-to-use packages that make your life easier.

    For data science, R has a fantastic ecosystem of packages and other resources. For example, the dplyr package makes data manipulation a breeze, and ggplot2 makes data visualization easy. The community of data scientists and statisticians is inclusive and growing.

    As the field of data science has exploded, R has also exploded, becoming one of the fastest-growing languages in the world (as measured by StackOverflow). With so many enthusiastic R users, it's easy to find answers to questions and community guidance as you work your way through R projects. You can also find R packages integrating almost any app you can imagine thanks to the thriving R community!

    R is most Powerful and Popular programing language for data Science.