Top 10 reasons why you must use magento


Top 10 reasons why you must use magento

Magento is known as a popular Content Management System. Through this you are bale to develop webpages according to your way. Many companies in the world use Magento for their needs. Today we will find out the Top 10 reasons why you must use magento.

1 . Strong Security

Hosting and security wise magento automatically gets a PCI compliant and help you host your website.

2 . Customizable design

The design could be customized and there is no need to worry about that. It is easy and there are many tools which are available for you to create professional designs for your webpage.

3 . Good marketing around the world

When it comes to marketing, magento is way ahead from the rest, it is easy to create banners and publish it online. If you are the administrator of the webpage, then you are in for a treat where you could create and design things easily.

4 . Unlimited options for your webpage

The options which are available for products are unlimited. You have the opportunity to create as much as options you want and you are able to configure

5 . Enables catalogue browsing

Catalogue Browsing is enabled in magento so that customers are able to sort items by price name and the position.

6 . User gets complete control over URL

The complete control over the URL’s is given to the user there is no need for a site map here. Magento does it automatically for you. This helps your website to display on multiple searches engine results with good ranks.

7 . The ability to compare products

Through Magento developed webpages you are also entitled to view product comparisons, ratings and customer reviews. You also have the opportunity to add a wish list. This will help your webpage to have more customers.

8 . User Friendly Environment

Magento has a user friendly environment. As you know not all the people in the world understand English, and through magento developed webpages, customers now have the opportunity to view it in a language they prefer and also when it comes to currencies, you are able to view the prices of products in many of the currencies which are available for you.,

9 . Summary of the analytics for administrator

The website also reports the admin about the analytics and through this you are able to make a report about your webpage and the necessary improvement which needs to be there in the webpage.

10 . Many tools which are available for the user

Final Tip on Magento is that there are many other tools which are available for you through magento development and the add-on will help your webpage to grow in a better way. The very special feature is the online chat feature where customers could come to your webpage and chat to you online and through this you are able to promote many other products and services for your company.

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