Free Digital Marketing tools for Digital Marketeer and why should they use them


Free Digital Marketing tools for Digital Marketeer and why should they use them

Digital Marketing is not expensive and it can even be free! You do need to have a digital strategy and know how you are targeting clients and who you are targeting, but you do not have to spend a fortune. In fact, if you have a good Digital Marketing person, or you are a good Digital Marketing person yourself, you can do your online marketing for next to nothing.
Here are few favorite FREE digital marketing tools that you can use, starting right now:-


Google Analytics

This is a free web service offered by the king of the internet, Google.  It is a free service that tracks and reports traffic to your website. It can show what people are looking at in your website, when they are looking, if they bought something, if they returned to the site and when they returned.

It works together with Adwords which is a paid campaign, a Google program/system in which if you pay for ad, google will show the Ad. And when user clicks on Ad your money is deducted from Adword Account balance. So you create a Digital Marketing campaign using Google Adword  and then use Google Analytics to monitor the success.  You even get free online advice if something is not working, if you don’t know how to use it or when you get stuck.

Simple? Yes.  Brilliant? Yes.

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is free, fantastic Google tool which can  help you with all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.  It is a little like a workshop for building a new social media or online campaign, or for building on an existing campaign.  You can come up with an idea for Digital Marketing, then use Keyword Planner to get lists of keywords or key phrases.  Keyword Planner will assist you with how your phrases may read or work.  It is a free AdWords tool which means you will also be doing Google Adwords, all free with a Pay Per Click Campaign.  The beauty again is that if you don’t know what you are doing, Keyword Planner will help you.



Hootsuite will make your life so easy if you are a Digital Marketeer and social media campaigner. It is a site, a bit like a dashboard, where you can prepare your social media postings in advance.  It helps with  Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can get everything ready and then set times for posts to go live.  You can also set who they target, at what time they target, and which country they target.  Hootsuite can appear to be a bit intimidating at first but once you have navigated your way around, it is easy, free and works!.But, unlike Google analytics this is paid.



SimilarWeb is a fabulous and free tool.  You can sign up to it and then enter any specific website URL, or do a category search by subject or industry, and get access to data from fifty of the top websites.  It provides marketing insights for any website as well as good, solid marketing advice.  You can also look at why some websites work and others don’t, getting ideas as to how to make your website work.  It is free, why not use it?  No reason, use it! Here you need to add your website, and if you want you can also add your competitors website and SimilarWeb will compare and let you know the difference between two websites. This will help you in doing marketing strategy.



This will help you with content, and as we know, long form content is really important this days.  BuzzSumo can help you work out what content is working well.  Content is what will draw traffic to your site (as well as visuals) but the keywords or key phrases in your content is vital.  BuzzSumo does that.  It will help you identify the correct working to use and tell you what content will ultimately make a difference.  It’s free.  Use it.



Woorank is one of the very important SEO/Digital marketing tools using which  you can get idea of various aspects of your website. It helps you to find if  title, meta description etc are correct or not. How many times you have used H1, H2, H3 etc tags.  What is the ratio of content and code. If your website is linked to social media or not. If linked how many facebook likes your page have etc.

In short, what you can do manually in whole day, you can do same  with just click with  Woorank. I personally also use this.


Google Webmaster(Search Console)

Google webmaster is King of all Digital Marketing tools. Since it is a product of Google, who can tell you more accurately about search analysis better than Google web master. This tool is an essential tool for every SEO and Digital marketing executive. You can see detailed analyses of your website using this tool and make correction. Whether its virus attack or small HTML improvement, it helps in all.


Bing Webmaster Tool

Bing webmaster is  Microsoft’s Bing product which similar to  Google web master. You can add your website free and you can see complete anatomy of  your website. This will help you in understanding  the strengths and shortcoming of your websites.

During our Digital Marketing course, we cover all these tools and teach our students how to use these tools.
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