How to increase customer conversion rate from effective SEO


How to increase customer conversion rate from effective SEO

We all use SEO technique for our website to attract visitors. In most of the cases we are successful in getting our website on top of Google page. But the central question is what the conversion ratio is? How many visitors convert to customers? In this article, we have collected few interesting and useful tips. Using which you can convert your visitors into your customers and ultimately the business growth.
In the present time most of the companies and businesses are using the fast ways for communicating with their customers and making their business to spread faster by means of advertisements and online business. To make this all network effective it is important and economical to manage their traffic flow to be balance to enhance the profit and economy of their business or organization. By creating the balance in the traffic flow will attract the customers from all over the globe that increases the overall rating and profit of the website. For making more customers, the number of visitors should be increased by adopting a different policies and planning. When there are numerous visitors of the particular website of the organization then the firm will adopt the different strategies to make those visitors their customers.
There are different strategies that are present to increase the customer rate. But the most important and effective one is the CRO (conversion rate optimization).CRO is the strategic plan in which different processes are involved such as identification rectification and adaptation of series of changing in the website that increases the rate of the visitors that can or may lead to become a customer. When the customer perform a function they want to, it converts the action of the particular website such as:

-purchasing the items of the particular firm

-finding access for the news letters

-making the different offers acceptable

-increase in the viewer rate

-referring to others to access

CRO is the program with which the organization or a firm increases the functions and behavior of the websites or the mobile apps for the particular firm. CRO helps the individual or a partners in the digital market to understand it better in which site we are getting into or what information we are into. CRO has its own guidelines and specifications for networking and for functioning. Following are some basic plans for making an effective use of CRO:


-goals determination

-website analysis

-identification of the potential changes



CRO is used or preferred by different organizations or firms to meet their particular targets or goals. As being a user the main focus is to choose the appropriate goal. During the selection of the goals one should keep in mind the overall framework of the goal in terms of your visitor’s view point. For an instance, while making changing, addition and elimination of the information in the website to satisfy the customer demands or needs one should design a strategy to meet the goals by increasing a satisfaction rating on a post purchase survey or increase the number of the positive reviews that will attract the other visitors also that will result in the progress in the plan for the completion of the goals.


By making a plan for the progress in the particular goals that are designed to be fulfilled the first and the foremost important step is the honest and proper survey and analysis of the website. In the analysis or survey all the aspects are very closely monitored and checked such as which part of the website is working properly and which one is not functional. When the firm is unable to identify the problem that in which part of the website the function is not performed properly CRO defines the target that will help the organization to identify and analyze the problem easily. Following are the targets of CRO:



-Landing pages

-Navigation paths



Content includes all the information, products and material that a visitors wants or can access easily. It contains all the routes of communication networks that are involved by both the sides that is from the visitor’s side as well as from organizational side.


Designs include the overall look of the websites that includes how the information, images are arranged in the websites and their layout and synchronization with each other.


Landing pages are the results that the visitor or the customers will get when the search for some information, ads by clicking on the different links and images.

In navigation path all the routes and links are included that the visitor or the customer uses to access the information they want.
When a person adopt for CRO it become an honorary psychologist. The basic task in CRO is to gather the information for the visitor to interact with the website more easily. The basic question in CRO arises in terms for the customer or visitors are:
-How do they identify, evaluate the potential products or services?
-What factors distract or confuse them?
-How they search for the information when they need it?
There are vast and numerous number of resources for investigation of these question. Different analytically reports are present that include the detailed information of for the visitors path in the website including the path with which they access the website, the pages and images by which they reach the website. The usability and observing the resource information that the visitor uses are recorded so that it is used for the interaction between the firm and the visitor that will help in the end to evaluate and improve the website.
When a firm or an organization evaluates the website, they need a plenty of changes that need to be focused. Following are the principle that are mentioned in the CRO to prioritize the website i.e.




The basic principle is to identify the source of problem. Identify the problem areas in the website that will affect the conversation and leads to the blockage of the flow of traffic. If the multiple areas are identified, then first focus on the root cause or the main problem first and then moved to the next.


When the problem is fixed then all the aspects that causes the problems need to be evaluated to reduce the problem outcome.


After fixation and improvement of the problems that the visitors are facing, the final step is to change the website by making the potential changes. Then the attestation of these potential changes is done to increase the flow of traffic of conversation.

For making the potential changes the firm or organization should perform the series of experiment to check and analyze the flow of conversation between the firm and the visitors. After determination of the testing period calculation of the rate of the flow of conversation. If the statistics of the conversation differs then the latest version of the website should be adopted
But CRO is the ongoing and the continuous process of improvement. The results and test should be considered and analyze for further improvements.