A Career in Digital Marketing in 2019


A Career in Digital Marketing in 2019

Today digital marketing industry is as flourishing as IT/Software industry back in 90’s. Era of Digital marketing has just started and right now it’s easiest for anyone to be a part of this industry and take their business to new heights just as it was the case with IT industry. It is not very hard to accelerate one’s career in a fast-growing industry, it is really easy and beneficial for anyone to join the digital marketing industry today. However, if you are reading this then you are probably looking for more solid reasons for joining the digital marketing industry and starting a career, read on to know why it’s just the right time to start your career in digital marketing

Why You Should Start a Career in Digital Marketing

More than 20 lakh digital marketing jobs will be created in India according to a research done by KPMG. Technical and analytics professionals are going to be highly in demand by the next year. The demand for digital marketers has only increased in the recent years. Every year thousands of jobs are posted related to this field on online job portals and the number is only increasing. So it very much safe to say that it is the best time to begin your career in this industry.


Today a graduate without any professional experience can expect a salary of 10-20 thousand per month. Big companies offer 2-3 lakhs to their head digital marketer every month. People who possess extra skills or have good academic background can earn even higher. Digital marketers also get the benefit of demanding a higher salary due to  demand and supply gap in digital marketing.


30 crore people own smartphone in India and have access to internet as it’s very cheap. An average person checks his phone 70 times a day. By 2020, the number of smartphone users is going to increase even more. And since India has the second largest population after China so this is obvious that digital marketing is the future. Demand for marketing professionals is going to increase even more with more companies and startups looking to reach their target audience.


Right now is the most beneficial time to be a part of digital marketing. As with every growing sector in India, digital marketing is going to increase.

Types of job profile in the Digital Marketing industry:

There are a number of job profiles in the Digital Marketing industry that you can consider depending on your qualification and skills, such as –

Digital Marketing Executive:

This is an entry-level position. If you are a complete newbie to this industry, this is probably going to be the position you’d acquire when you join a digital marketing organization, or you can also join as SEO executive, SEM executive, Social Media Manager, etc. in this specific job profile, you’d have to work with a team leader or manager, conducting many tasks such as testing, content development, research, etc.

Digital Marketing Specialist:

after having at least 2 years of experience as Digital Marketing executive of SEO or SEM executive, you can be promoted to a specialist position such as n SEO expert or SEM expert, or maybe Content Marketing expert. In such a position, even though you would have to report to the manager, you’d still be expected to make a lot of the decisions independently.

Digital marketing analyst:

Agencies with a heavy focus on SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing needed skilled strategic and analytic professionals. The professionals in this specific profiles act more like a guide or consultant for the team leader and manager. They contribute across several departments. A strategist’s job is to improve the overall effectiveness of digital marketing strategies being implemented by the agency.

Head of Digital Marketing:

this is the most senior profile for the digital marketing industry. Companies with an integrated marketing campaign, the digital marketing head reports to the Chief Marketing Officer, who is responsible for the entire marketing function for the organization.


The above roles, however, are not standardized. They vary depending on the organizations and what they need. But all these job profiles have tremendous growth possibilities and continuous learning, making them a great choice for career option whether you are a professional or a student.


For all above career options, you need to take proper training. For that  you need to choose  digital marketing training institute  which might be offering advanced Digital Marketing course with proper guidance. Acesoftech Academy is one  of the trusted  Institute which  can guarantee you  professional digital marketing  course in Kolkata as well as online.

Kinds of the organization that require a Digital Marketing professional:

The variety of job profiles and opportunities make the online marketing career seem like a bigger opportunity. There are basically three kinds of organizations that require Digital Marketing Professional.

Digital Marketing Agencies:

these are agencies who provide digital marketing services to the clients. These small, mid or large digital marketing agencies can offer services that include SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, etc. these days advertising agencies also offer digital marketing services. Working in such an agency means you’d be able to enjoy a variety of work due to the variety of clients, however, it’ll be very hard to delve deeper into working on one brand.

Brands that require digital marketing professionals:

there are many brands that require digital marketing professionals. These brands, instead of getting the services from any digital marketing agency, employ their own team for marketing their brand online. While you can enjoy a variety of work and clients working with a digital marketing agency, working for a specific brand lets you get an in-depth experience.

Digital marketing platform companies:

there are a number of digital marketing platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. these companies have their own need for a digital marketing professional. The work type and experience varies with these companies when compared to working for agencies and brands it is a lot different. Job opportunities are limited but they have a much higher salary.


Except for these full-time jobs, you can also work part-time or as a freelancer, offering your digital marketing expertise to those who do not want to pay the hefty amount demanded by digital marketing agencies.

Skills You Need To Become a Successful Digital Marketing professional:

Added to the technical skills absolutely important for making it big as a digital marketing professional, there are a few other skills you would need to make sure of your success.

Analytical ability:

it is a critical skill you need to be able to become successful as a digital marketing professional. It is key strength you have to possess to solve all and every problem you would face in your professional field.


the digital marketing field needs its professionals to be quick and creative. The amount of content that you would have to create and handle, it is imperative that you have your creative skills on point.

A thirst for knowledge:

digital marketing is a dynamic field where one is learning and evolving every day. So you have to be open to new adventures and knowledge. Having an open mind and thirst for new knowledge will serve you good for your career.

Good communication skills:

good written and vocal communication skills are important. You need to communicate well with your client and audience and without good communication skills, you’d have to depend on external sources which are not always efficient.

Multitasking abilities:

internet marketing campaigns in most cases include continuous activities. So you need to have some serious multitasking abilities to handle all the marketing campaigning tasks and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Passion for digital marketing work:

the professionals in this field who are truly passionate about their work are a lot more successful compared to those who are not really passionate.

Networking skills:

networking skills, especially online, is important for any digital marketing specialist to stay updated with the latest trends in internet marketing.

Tech savvy:

since it is digital marketing, and most of it deals with the digital aspect of life i.e. with Smartphone’s, computers, etc, you need to be a little tech savvy. If not, at least being comfortable with technology is required if you want to make a career out of digital marketing.

Experimental tendencies:

since it is an evolving industry without any defined rules and regulations for things, you have to have a little experimental ability. It plays an important part in making you successful in tricky marketing campaigns.


So, if you have enough skills, training, and willingness, then you can make it in the industry of digital marketing. The digital marketing industry is growing at a rapid rate and a career in this field only offers growth and success with some challenges. If you are up to face the challenges that this field is going to throw at you then nothing can stop you from being successful.