6 Simple and Practical Tips on Digital Marketing by the Experts


6 Simple and Practical Tips on Digital Marketing by the Experts

Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit 2019

Digital marketing has become so popular that it is been discussed on an international level. It has also had great community support who continuously working for it. The process of digital marketing should not be stagnant and it must modify its techniques as per the trend.


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Last month a huge summit, the Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit 2019 (EIMS2019) was organised by Exabytes and DotAsia Organisation was organized in Malaysia where 1,000 SMEs and 37 digital marketing experts participated. The experts shared their valuable information on this platform on digital marketing.


Chan Kee Siak, CEO & Founder of Exabytes said that “There’re more tools and techniques that we need to learn and figure out to stay innovative and remain outstanding in terms of digital marketing.”

“Today, customers are more demanding and expecting good service. Maintaining a good service level, managing the feedback and rating are equally important”


In this article, we share some practical tips shared by the digital marketing specialist and they approach this industry.


1) Content is about relevance, not about length:


The company must indeed give informative and precise content. They should not beat around the bush and their content must be clear whether it is email headings or short description of the products. They must know their customer.


Similarly, Suresh Sakadivan, the Regional Head of CRM for Fave shared his point of view in this regard and said: “For us content has to be relevant to the audience that is receiving it, and we pay a lot of attention to who are the recipients”.

“Content has to be the voice you hear from your customers, not what you want to tell them. Stop telling them, start listening to them and creating content that resonates with them”


He even shared his marketing technique which they used. He gave the example of their Ramadan and Eid advertisement, where Fave crafted their content using a mix of English and Malay. He even suggested connecting with the customers by using humour and pun.


2) Be Original and Authentic


For the past few years, authenticity has become a popular word in advertising and many digital experts agreed to it.


Dr.A.J.Minai, the Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of Subture: The Brand Storytelling Agency said “It comes down to how effective your content is in making people go beyond just thinking about your brand, and feeling something for it, and that comes with storytelling. Storytelling is key”.


He gave an example about large corporate brands like Petronas or Maxis advertise closer to festive seasons, they run advertise which have an emotional connection, instead of advertising about their products or offerings.


It is very much true that the companies should connect with their customers which is very important and they must be original in their advertisement.


He emphasized this by saying “The best kind of marketing today is giving a sh*t about your customer. It’s about genuinely caring about what people feel and want in the market, and putting value first”.


3) The content must not come from the brand.


What does this point mean?

This means the company must allow its audience for the content.


The Regional Head of CRM for Fave, Suresh Sakadivan shared one of his company’s best methods. He said that the content should not come from the brand and the audience should lead it.

He said “The users will listen more to the other customers who use your product. Even if you don’t have a high number of traffic, you have your social platforms. Make it engaging. People do associate your brand and promise through how others speak of you”.


“Do not keep quiet. Even if it’s bad feedback, address the problem honestly”.


He even said that if the customers are expressive about the dissatisfaction product, then the brand must take quick action and engage with them.


In the end, it all about customer’s satisfaction and goodwill of the brand.


4) Risk in ignoring data


A plan or B plan, i.e. A or B. We have come across this phrase quite a few times which means trying out two distinct variables and by using data to let us know what performs better. There must be two testings so that the company knows which one is performing effectively.


Agreeing to this theory, Sharmeen Looi, the Co-Founder of Shopback Malaysia said “We want to optimise all our results. So before we go on a bigger scale, we always do A/B testing on different levels, on the headline, visuals”.


The right data allows measuring the marketing efforts in the most profitable way, but they must be prepared to test and try over and over again to get the data.

Emily Tan, the Marketing Lead of Klook Malaysia said, “It’s important to test and learn. We still continuously test and experiment. Something we say a lot within the team is, fail fast and fail cheap”.


Therefore, it’s important for the company to continuously experiment with their techniques and to analyze which techniques or practices is effective and profitable.


5) The message should not be complicated

The message or information, the company are promoting must be simple, clear and relevant. They must focus on one message at one time.

The Marketing Lead at Shoppee, Rachel Tan said,” There should only be one, you don’t want to dilute it” and also said “Instead look at ways to amplify it—whether on social, influencer or online marketing”


She even said that they believe in focusing on one key message each time is important.


Another expert Wong Weng Wai, the Marketing Manager of iCar Asia said “There’s this simple rule I follow: CSR, consistent, simple, relevant,” he said. “Make sure your content is delivered in a consistent way across your channels. Make it simple because your audience’s attention span is getting lower and lower, so make it easy to digest. And keep it relevant, you know what the trends are out there, make the content gel well with the audience”.


It means that the company must be consistent and create content which is simple, relevant and interesting to grab the audience’s attention.


6) Human touch must be kept in mind


Though the world is moving toward the digital world, we shouldn’t forget that in the real world we are human. 


In this regard, Emily of Klook reminded us about the human touch by saying, “As humans we crave connection,” she said. “We believe very strongly in offline-to-online. What that means to us is leveraging on an offline event to drive an online action—for example, coming to our website to purchase something or checking out an article on our blog”.

“Apart from the digital marketing strategies that will continue to grow, let’s not forget the face-to-face interaction and to be able to go down to our customers, speak to them and find out what their pain points are”.


It is a very important factor, mentioned by Emily of Klook that face-to-face interaction with the customers should not be neglected. The customers must be allowed to express views and if there is any matter of concern, then it should be kept in mind.


There must be a direct or indirect link with the customers and in the digital world, the human touch shouldn’t be in the corner. It must be in the centre.



Therefore, we would like to sum up this article. These tips were simple but very much practical and important. The experts of digital marketing have suggested acknowledging the customer’s viewpoints. They even said to keep the advertising content precise and clear without misleading the customers. The company should test and try different techniques to collect data and figure out the results to know which way is impressive and profitable.


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