15 Asian web design trends which is catching to the world.


15 Asian web design trends which is catching to the world.

In the world today with the development of technology we see that people use websites for almost everything they need. This has caused the web designing field to increase. Comparing with the past we see a big change in today’s websites. They have improved since the first time that web sites were created. If we compare websites around the world we also could see that there is a vast difference in the regions of the world. The presentation and designs have improved in most of the websites which are online today.

We also could see a trend in the designs where websites are created. If we focus to the Asian region, we could also see that there are unique designs which are used in Asian based websites. The colour combination, the content and also the website itself has achieved to be different from websites which are developed in the American, European and African region. Most designers use fewer colours and more of other things in a website. But the Asian website designers have broken that barrier in adding more colours to Asian based websites to attract more crowds. As a result of this, people have been attracted to these websites and given good comments on them.

To explain this factor further we will take a look at 15 websites which are designed in Asia.

1 . Ishiyama Senkoh

As you enter this website you will see that it is different from any other website. This is because the menu bar of the website is located on the top right side of the page. And the letters are aligning vertically. It is indeed really rare to find a website where the letters are focused in vertical way. Indeed a unique design has been used to design it.

2 . Japan Association Press

A Japanese press based website and this site is also another of the unique websites which is designed by an Asian designer. As it is related to the press you are able to see all the works of that press as the background and the Menu in the middle of the page.

3 . Egao Saku

When you log into this website you will be taken by the sweet design which is used for the website. If you are a cartoon lover, you will definitely love the background of this website. The theme is taken by a simple cartoon drawing where the menu bar is designed according to the cartoon. Another innovative design by an Asian website.

4 . HirotoRakusho

This website is a simple website but the focus which is given to the design is amazing. It illustrates the artistic features and has no complicated design. It has truly broken the barrier of a normal website.

5 . NTT Docomo

As the innovative websites get better and better, we see that this website also has its own unique design. There is no focus for the content of the website, but the design has taken over and shown in a unique way.

6 . Idemitsu Kosan

This website is also designed by a cartoon and the menu is designed according to the background theme. The design itself has been kept simple and also creative to capture the attention of the audience.

7 . DyDo Drink

We know that social media plays a big role in the world today and this website is developed according to a theme which is based on Social media. Such as kitchen world or farm world. The background is basically a town and the drink in another island. It is really simple to understand but should mention that it has a creative content.

8 . NaruhoDoagent

If you are a fan of anime then you will love the background of this website. The website is designed by using many anime look alike characters and they look amazing. The designer has also achieved in getting a design which is like a fantasy land. It has its unique content and you are sure to be blown away with it.

9 . Crown

This website is yet another innovative webpage which is designed so that the people who visit this page will be amazed. Yes the background of the website displays a town and all the locations which are in the town is used as the menu of the website.

10 . Daum

When you log in to daum you will definitely know the purpose of that website. The main focus is given to the design once again and that deign is developed by using some cartoonish characters. This will bring that warmth feeling as soon as you see the page.

11 . San Namul

This website stands in number 11 and as we go through 11 websites we see that all the designs are unique and has amazing content which is also innovative. San Namul is a water park based website and because of the water park, they have designed there page by having a water park theme.

12 . Shanghaivive

If you log into this webpage you will see something different in this. There is not much colour used to develop this website. But then again there is a pencil art in the middle of the page. This has made this website really innovative and design focused.

13 . Daphne

Daphne is a shoe related website and this website also has a unique design and stands on its own. The menu is developed by using a design and just by looking through the site you are able to tell about the website.

14 . M&M China

If you are a chocolate lover you will love this page. M&M’s are a known chocolate brand in the world. In their china website they have developed in with a vampire cartoon. M&M’s being really colourful, has made the website really colourful as well. This is by using M&M pebbles around the page.

15 . Pizzahut China

Pizza hut is a worldwide brand once again and in the Chinese page they have used many photographs to bring colour and flavour to the page. And this ends our 15 list of amazing designed Asian websites.

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