10 reasons why you should learn Zend Framework


10 reasons why you should learn Zend Framework

If you want to know more about Zend Framework then we are here to give you 10 reasons as to why you should learn more about it.

Extend classes feature

The Zend framework is packed up with an object oriented feature. It uses an Object oriented concepts as well. Inheritances, Interfaces are a part of it. Through zend developers have the opportunity to create their own variations of individuals without any hack to the codebase. If you have a brief idea of the Object oriented concept then you will have no problem in using this program.

Object oriented goodness

Everything is known as an object in Zend framework. This may have disadvantages on its own as it complicates the program code. This helps the code more usable as not many programmers like to repeat the same code over again.

Use what you get and forget everything else

If you take the design view of the zend framework, you will see that it is a simple collection of classes. You could use the Zend MVC component to create a fully functional zend framework project. You only need to load the components you need. So you need to use all what you get from the Zend framework.

Zend allows you to do a lot of things

Many developers love the framework which is given in Zend. There is a trend where you could find the way that the coding is going. It is simply like a pattern itself. If you take it into simple words you could say that it is a Swiss army knife in the PHP language.

No model implementation

This could be a disadvantage in Zend. This is because it has no model implementation on its own. This could also be known as model view controller. This MVC is a programming architecture in PHP framework.

Integrate with whatever you want

The zend framework has an amazing feature of letting you integrate your libraries the way you want to. This could help you to collaborate as much as you want the way you like. It has no complicated methods.

Guidelines and standards

This frame is developed as such it has a contributor guide. All the contributors for both documentation or any code should sign a licence agreement. This is to safe guard the coding of Zend.

Zend focuses on test driven development

As the developer you need to prove that your code is genuine. Test development is a technique in programming which requires developer to write the code for the function. The programmer needs to ensure and confirm their status of the code.

Community and documentation

This is known as a complex approach. And because of theses there are many communities which help you with the documentation of the coding. There are many forums where professionals help you in developing the code. If you read through the components and the reference guide you will know more information about the zend theories and etc.


There are many certifications which are associated with Zend. You could get more information from this online. If you are zend qualified then many companies will need you and you will get accepted as a professional zend developer. So find more information about zend and start today.

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