10 Reasons why to use Mean Stack for web development


10 Reasons why to use Mean Stack for web development


Means Stack is modern, dynamic and performance-based web and mobile apps development technologies in which JavaScript is the main language used.is mainly used.

MEAN stack is the acronym of: Mongo DB: Its open source and free JavaScript/Json based database. It uses Json-based format for data storage. Since, it does not follow fixed schema based format like SQL for storing and retrieving the data, it’s called NoSql database. The reason for using MongoDB is that it revolves around one language-JavaScript for the complete application development.


Express.js : Which is developed and maintained by Google team, is one of the essential tools for creating high-end mobile and web applications. It’s a light-weight framework which is used with Nodejs seamlessly for server side application development. Its developed specially for Nodejs. Its functions are very diverse and large. Using this, one can develop complete website with database operation. With the combination of JavaScript, it helps to develop database driven website. Its one of the essential tool for server side data handling. It containers various excellent features like database integration, simplified multiple routing, template engines.


AngularJs: Angularjs is a very popular front-web development framework developed and maintained by Google team. Angular is primarily used for single page, though not limited to, web and mobile applications. Recent release of Angular which is also called angular 2(version 5+) is more powerful than its predecessor like angular 1.4. Angular 2 is completely re-written framework whose prime aim is to allow developers to develop website which can run on desktop as well as mobile version. Microsoft’s Typescript is used in Angular 2 for Angular application development. Typescript is superset of JavaScript. It has features of JavaScript and Java. Its object-oriented also.


NodeJs: Nodejs is JavaScript-based runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 engine. Its more of like JAVA’s JVM(Java virtual machine) which also provides runtime environment for JAVA. NodeJs helps in compiling the JavaScript source code to native machine code before the execution. NodeJs is used to build scalable and performance based apps. The power of NodeJs lies in the fact that has rich ecosystem of open source libraries and components, including an npm or Node Package Manager.


Below are 10 reasons why one should use Mean Stack for web and mobile Apps development

1. Use of Single Language:

Suppose you want to develop an e-commerce website. For that most probably you will use MySql/Sql server etc for database. You may use PHP/ASP.net script for server side database handling. And JavaScript for front-end validation and other handling.

But in case of Mean Stack, all the application handling from Database to Backend and front-end all are handled through a single language, called JavaScript. Above mentioned all frameworks and DB operation is handled through JavaScript.

2. Its open source:

Mean Stack’s all tools are open source. One does not need to pay licence fee for using any of the above mentioned tools/frameworks. One can simply download and start learning and developing the applications without worrying about licence fee.

3. Easy to learn:

Since all tools and frameworks use single language called JavaScript, you don’t need to lean many languages to work on this platform. Also, learning JavaScript is really easy. One does not have to install anything, it’s inside browser. So, you can write the code in a simple editor called Notepad and run into ay browser. In Mean Stack, one has to learn the frameworks and not the language.

4. Interactive User-interface:

AngualarJs provides fast and user-friendly interface which could not be imagined with the theologies used before. After coming of Angular2 it has become more interesting and user-friendly. In most of the cases one does not have to refresh the page for navigation which is loved by the users.

5. Tons of libraries of functions to work with:

Node.js offers to its developers myriad of rich JavaScript modules and components from its humongous library. One does not have to write the modules from scratch. One can download and manage the package using NPM or node package manager of Nodejs.

6. Node.js simplifies the server layer:

If developers want to handle how the request should work, it’s simple and flexible. Just write few line of code snippet and you are task is done. Nodejs does the task. Not only that, you can also have controll over url-rewriting through JavaScript. Mean Stack heavily rely on Nodejs which provides powerful, real-time and ultra-fast service. Node.js assembles this kind of pipework all in one place, all in one language, and all in one pile of logic. In case of LAMP programing there is different config files for different tasks, Node.js relieves you of such hassle. Since, in case of Mean Stack everything is under one umbrella that means less confusion and less chance of bugs created by interactions between multiple layers.

7. Powerful Community support:

How any language evolves depends on the fact that how big and helpful the community is. Since Mean Stack is an open source platform, there is huge community for this. Node’s NPM packages are nothing but user and community contributed packages. Which is very helpful for other developers who are new and do not have initial skill do develop those modules. Mean Stack has also big community to support at various forums like Stackoverflow.

8. High-profile companies are supporting Mean Stack:

Who does not know Google and Microsoft. These two companies are the king for Software and internet world. Just imagine, if these two companies of such high-profile are supporting mean-stack, how powerful the language will be. Google is supporting and maintaining Nodejs which runs on Google Chrome’s V8 Engine. Angularjs and ExpressJs are also products of Google. TypeScript which is a Microsoft’s open source language is superset of JavaScript. It’s the main language of Angular 2(5+ version).

9. MEAN enables Isomorphic Coding:

The reason of popularity of mean stack is its Isomorphic Coding. Because, in MEAN the developers can commute the codes between frameworks. The code written in a particular framework can be easily be transferred to another framework. One does not need to re-write or modify heavily. And most important thing is that it works smoothly. This is one of the main reason MEAN stack development excels ahead of the rest of the development technologies.

10. MogoDB is cloud compatible and has flexible structure:

New generation web application is developed keeping in mind of mobile as well as desktop. Since mobile has less space to store data, its better idea to store data in the cloud. MongoDB serves this purpose very well. It’s designed to serve this purpose.


Also, mongoDB database store data in Json format which is based on JavaScript. It’s not fixed with schema, its flexible to match all needs of the application.


Conclusion: Mean Stack uses a single language called JavaScript for its all application/frameworks. One need not learn many languages to develop a website. Since it does not employ any new language but the old JavaScript, it’s easy to learn and implement also.


Most of its tools/languages/frameworks are supported by Major companies of the world like Google and Microsoft; it’s going to stay for long.


Applications developed using Mean technologies are mobile as well as desktop application compatible. So, one does not need to develop applications separately for mobile and desktop.


Acesoftech Academy is the first Mean Stack training center in Kolkata which launched this course in year 2016 and since then it has been providing advanced and industrial Mean Stack training in Kolkata.

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