10 Reasons How can I convince my client that WordPress is the best CMS


10 Reasons How can I convince my client that WordPress is the best CMS

WordPress has been used by many communities in the world and WordPress is known for one of the best CMS in the world. There are other blogging sites such as Drupal and Blogger, but people go for WordPress as it delivers a quality job. Taking a look at it more we could see the best 10 reasons as to why people prefer WordPress is the best CMS.

1 . Easy to use

The first Reason is that WordPress is easy to use. There is no need for prior knowledge and you could start quite easily with it.

2 . Unlimited Plug-in’s

The plug-in in WordPress are amazing and there are many plug-ins for you to choose from. The installation of these plug-ins is simple and could be done within a few clicks.

3 . A large support community

There is great support community for all WordPress developers. If you have any issues on WordPress forums you could always ask from any of the forums and you are sure to get great support for all your questions and doubts

4 . Free of Charge for use

As many other blog sites do exist, where you need to pay in order to get the best support, WordPress is Free for use for anyone with not monthly expenses.

5 . Open source Blogging

WordPress is an open source Blogging page where users have the access to the source code and they could alter anything they want to.

6 . Low budget webpages

If companies want to develop a webpage but then if they are under a budget then they would go for WordPress webpages because they are easy to use and it is cheap as well.

7 . High quality themes

The quality theme’s that WordPress has to offer is another reason for customers to draw to WordPress. They are good quality and elegant theme’s which could be used and t reduces the burden of designers

8 . Amazing SEO capabilities

Search Engine Optimization does well on WordPress which makes WordPress preferred from other web development Sites. Search engines find it easy to pick up content on WordPress better and so far it has done really well on SEO.

9 . Easy to update webpage

Updating wise, the content of WordPress is easy to update and does not need anything special or special knowledge for WordPress. Just by a simple click users have the opportunity to update with a few clicks.

10 . Multiple Language capability

Languages have been a problem around the world for a web community. This is because not many people have the opportunity of understanding English today. WordPress is ready for it providing the service in many languages to choose from .

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